Development of unique real estate

is a passion that runs deep at RTG.

Over twenty years in the custom home building industry has culminated in a portfolio of special projects,

from fix and flips to vacation rentals.

Today, RTG continues to create outstanding projects for rent and for sale, for ourselves and for select clients.

As a consultant, RTG can help you find the right property for your needs.

Are you relocating? Are you thinking about getting started in the rental business? Are you interested in a fix

and flip opportunity? If so, RTG can help you do it right, from property selection

to finish details.


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Whether you're looking for rental real estate, or your new vacation home,

RTG can assist you with the process.

From locating the property to remodel after the purchase is complete,

RTG offers full service consulting

every step of the way.

Recognize The Goods LLC specializes in:

• Property location and purchase

• Purchase and sale management

• Remodel and construction management

• Rental planning and management

• Resale coordination 

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